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Terms & Conditions

  • All prices quoted by SQ are subject to working a physical sample through all processes required.
  • Any recoat work (painting over existing paint) is undertaken at customers own risk and any extra rework/recoats will be chargeable.
  • Violence and foul language will not be tolerated and threats to members of staff or clients will be taken seriously and may be reported and dealt with by the police.
  • SQ reserves the right to increase a price after an order has been placed following an increase in materials/parts to SQ. We will endeavour to inform the customer before the purchase of materials/parts.
  • Extra work may be required to complete the job to a satisfactory finish. SQ would normally with permission of the client carry out such work; in the case where the client cannot be contacted then SQ reserve the right to carry out such further work and the client will be charged to complete the said work to a good standard.
  • Unless otherwise stated transport delivery, delivery insurance and other further costs where applicable will be charged extra.
  • All payments not received when payable will be considered overdue and remain payable by the customer together with the interest for late payment at 2% per month until payment.
  • Goods not collected or paid for after a period of six months and one day shall be offered for sale to a third party to recover any losses suffered by SQ. Property of goods will not pass to the customer until the goods have been paid for in full together with any money and interest due
  • The schedule despatch time is an estimate only and actual despatch may be earlier or later according to factors outside our control.
  • Risk for loss or damage to goods passes to the customer at the time of despatch/hand over.
  • Upon collection, we ask the client to check the goods and to make sure it is to their satisfaction. If the goods are not checked before leaving our premises then any fault found arising from transport or careless handling will not be rectified by SQ. Damage can be repaired at the clients cost.
  • In cases when it is agreed that SQ will arrange transport and/or delivery and/or insurance of the goods from despatch nominated by the customer, it shall be deemed to do so as the customers or agent and subject to its fulfilling its agency obligations shall have no liability towards the customer, in respect of such transport and insurance
  • In a case of disagreement SQ will make every effort to correct any mistakes and insure that theclient has been satisfied, however should no agreement be reached then we may agree to third party intervention.
  • It shall be the customer’s responsibility to check goods upon collection / delivery and to notify SQ within 24 hours of collection/delivery of any apparent defect or short delivery.
  • The customer shall keep the goods involved in the same state and place (subject to reasonable steps to protect them from harm) as at the time of the defect or short delivery was discovered until SQ have made an inspection (which it will do so as soon as reasonably possible) or waive its right of inspection. Any claim in respect of any matter not so notified or goods not kept shall be deemed to be waived. It shall further be the customers obligation to notify any such matter to the carrier
  • If any fault is found SQ should be informed within 24 hours. SQ will not pay any transport/removal/fitting costs for any faulty items.
  • SQ offers no warranty of any kind. Any lifecycles quoted are purely estimated lifecycles.
  • SQ reserves the right to make despatches in instalments and the agreement constituted by the order shall be severable as to any such instalment. Delay in despatch or other default in any instalment shall not relieve the customer of his obligation to accept and pay for the balance of the order.
  • We recommend that all oil seals, bearings, rubber bushes, plastic, or any other part not suitable for powder coating to remove prior to delivery of work. SQ is not responsible for any damage to the above parts; we also reserve the right to make extra charges to the client for removal of the above parts. SQ does not refit any mechanical parts.
  • Oil, grease, petrol or any other liquid not removed at the time of dropping off and needs to be removed a charge will be made for removal and disposal.
  • The client should make a list & where possible take photographs of their parts before delivery of goods. Any special instructions to be made clear and in written form, we cannot accept verbal instructions.
  • By entering to a contract with SQ you automatically agree with the terms and conditions set out in this document. This document is freely available at our premises.
  • Parts that need rework must be striped down to component parts, Dismantling / cost of removal of parts is not covered by our SQ. Cost of refitting is not covered by SQ.
  • Damage by stone chips, impact of any kind, or third party repair work will null and void all agreements.
  • The use of chemicals or cleaners containing chemicals that damage paintwork will void any Guarantee / warrantee.
  • SQ reserve the right to allow an expert third party to inspect the goods and will stand by the decision made by the third party
  • Client’s instructions shall be recorded and noted on work sheets. Any change to any part of the work requested once started may lead to extra charges.
  • This document does not affect your statuary rights.
  • Every care will be taken with clients products and SQ will endeavour to carry out work to the client’s satisfaction.
  • Wreckless use/ lack of maintenance/ cleaning of refurbished work will null & void any agreements made with SQ and the client or agent, the product must be for its original purpose. Although every care is taken and adequate, security is in place SQ states that customer goods left on premises will be at owner’s risk.
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